Honda Rubicon 520 ATVs

Works Hard, Rides Smooth

Reliable. Smart. Made with iconic Honda quality – there are many reasons why the Honda Rubicon ATV is the ideal choice for hard workers, trail riders, and ATV enthusiasts.

  • A rider on a Honda Rubicon going down a dirt road
    Independent Rear Suspension

    The Rubicon’s Independent Rear Suspension (IRS) returns two big benefits: First, it helps ensure constant tire contact with the ground for superior traction; second, it helps give you a smooth ride over rough terrain, so you don’t get beat up on the trail.

  •   A parked Rubicon on a forest trail
    Tackle Any Terrain

    The Rubicon’s 2WD/4WD system offers three drive modes: 2WD; 4WD with torque-sensing front differential; and 4WD with locked front differential to optimize traction. The system also features a Speed Override mode that can be engaged when the front differential is locked to allow increased wheel speed under severe conditions, such as deep mud.

  • A line up of Honda Rubicons parked diagonally
    Efficient & Durable Engine Design

    The Rubicon’s powerful liquid-cooled 518cc engine is longitudinally mounted, allowing direct driveshaft alignment to both the front and rear wheels for maximum drivetrain efficiency.