Honda Side-By-Side Pioneer 700 Models

Pioneer 700 – The SxS That Works as Hard as You Do

“Since its introduction, Honda’s Pioneer 700 has set a new standard in versatility.” -

  • Towing Capability

    As the saying goes, when the towing gets tough, get on a Pioneer 700. This side-by-side can carry the weight, thanks to a 1,500-pound towing capacity (that’s a three-quarter-ton strong), making it an easy choice for big jobs you might otherwise need a tractor for. Not to mention the tough-as-nails cargo bed and its 1,000-pound capacity – designed to help you carry more when it counts.

  • Automatic Transmission

    The Pioneer 700 is a versatile workhorse, and it has a transmission that’s up for just about anything. Smooth-shifting is a given, thanks to a heavy-duty torque converter and three hydraulic clutches that deliver a steady stream of power when you need it. Add to that a two-stage shift map which further optimizes the engine’s power and torque delivery – even when you’re at higher RPM ranges.

  • Comfort you can Rely on

    Who says a side-by-side has to be all performance and no comfort? The Pioneer 700 provides both in even measures thanks to features including a tilting steering wheel for easier in-and-out access, while the independent double-wishbone front suspension provides all-day comfort, even over rocky and rutted terrain. Adjustable preload rear shocks also allow more confident, predictable handling.

  • Accessory-Ready

    When you’re ready to make your Pioneer 700 even more yours, there is a wide selection of accessories to customize it. It’s pre-wired and easy to add to. Helpful add-ons like a winch and lights allow you to personalize your vehicle for your needs, while its dash features blanks for your switches.

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