Honda miniMOTO Motorcycles

Big Things Do Come in Small Packages.

Morning commutes. Weekends exploring. Errands, coffee runs, or just a quick zip across town – Honda miniMOTOs are made for the excitement and fun life throws at you.

Made for Bite-Sized Adventure

The Honda miniMOTO lineup is ideal for whatever life throws at you because of their ease of use and compact size. From zipping through traffic to parking and navigating, miniMOTOs' help you do so with confidence and comfort.

Fuel Economy

Honda miniMOTOs' are made to get you where you need to go efficiently, and they don’t use a lot of gas to do it. It turns out good things do come in small packages.

The Comfortable Choice

As you maneuver through busy streets, comfort is definitely a factor – good thing that miniMOTOs' prioritize your comfort through ergonomic seating and smart design choices that maximize space without sacrificing your enjoyment.