Honda Dual Sport Motorcycles

For All Day Adventures, On and Off-Road

Make every ride an adventure with Honda Dual Sport Motorcycles. Endless possibilities—that’s what Honda’s dual-sport bikes are all about. They’ll let you explore parts of the world that you’ve never seen. Light, durable, and rugged, they’re versatile and economical enough to make great day-to-day transportation too. Want to do it all on a bike? Then these are the bikes you want.

An angled side view of a Honda Dual Sport motorbike
Ride without compromise

Dual Sport riding gives motorcycle enthusiasts both off-road and on-road capabilities. Go straight from your desk to the trail, and do it in comfort. With Honda’s lineup of Dual Sport models, you don’t need to choose one or the other.

Right facing side angle of a Honda CRF
Experience a Wide Range of Models

No matter how big or small your adventure is, there’s a wide range of bikes available. Honda’s Dual Sport models are also suitable for many levels of riders and cover all skill levels with a range of engine sizes from 150-450cc.

a close up studio image of the top half of a Honda CRF
Durable – and Then Some

Honda Dual Sport bikes are built with durability in mind – whether you’re on the trail, or hitting the backroads, ride with the added confidence that comes from Honda’s reputation of durability.

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