Honda Competition & Motocross Motorcycles


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Own the Track or Trail

Winners Ride Red. Humans love to perform at a high level. We love competition. Who can run the fastest. Which team can score the most. And when it comes to powersports, the competition is fierce. Motocross, enduro, cross country or just riding with your pals and seeing who can get to the top of that hill first. This year Honda’s CRF performance lineup is stronger than ever, with new bikes, new features, and one overriding goal: Winning.

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    Iconic Power & Performance

    You want to get the most out of your Honda Competition dirt bike – it’s designed with power and performance in mind. Honda engines are iconic for a reason, after all; they’re ready to deliver when it’s time for the race to begin.

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    The Ultimate Motocross Bike

    The CRF450RWE is built for speed, and for looking good on the podium. It boasts a specialized ECU with mapping, ignition and injection capabilities – perfect for riders looking to tune performance up. The CRF450RWE gives you all the awesome power and handling of the CRF450R, plus a whole bunch of top-shelf features.

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    Honda Racing

    The Triple Crown Series is an annual race series featuring Honda’s racing team. Dylan Wright is our 450 class rider with over 50 podiums and more than 30 overall wins. In 2023, he took home his fourth Triple Crown Series Championship.