Honda Seasonal Tips

Honda Powersports General
Storage Tips:

Parts being washed/Pièces lavées
Pre-Storage Maintenance

Before storage, do an oil change, wash your vehicle, make sure coolant is topped up for your first post-winter ride, and make sure your vehicle’s metal, resin, and rubber parts are in good condition.

Find a Safe Storage Area

Keep your vehicle in an area free of excessive humidity, snow, dirt and dust. It is preferable the storage area is indoors and should be secure.

A rider on a Honda motorcycle on a highway/Un cavalier sur une moto Honda sur une autoroute
Run Your Vehicle Regularly

It is recommended to run your vehicle regularly to prevent parts from sticking due to rust or other problems, as well as to eliminate moisture.

The gas tank of a Honda motorcyle/Le réservoir d'essence d'une Honda Motorcyle
Fuel System

If fuel is left for an extended period of time, it may become stale and turn into a residue that can plug fuel lines. A fuel stabilizer such as Honda Pro Fuel Stabilizer can help prevent moisture buildup in your full fuel tank.

Additional Winter Storage Tips

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Getting Ready to Ride Again

Check Tires/Inspectez vos pneus
Check Tires

Check tires for cracks or splits on the sidewalls (if you find large cracks or splits, tire replacement is recommended). Also check the air pressure recommended in the Owner’s manual.

Check for Rust/Vérifiez la présence de rouille
Check for Rust

Check the vehicle for any rust that may have accumulated during storage, and lube the drive chain before riding.

Change the oil/Vidangez l’huile
Change the Oil

Even though you changed the engine oil before storage, change it again if the vehicle has been stored for more than four months (small amounts of oil left in the engine from previous oil changes can create corrosive byproducts during storage).

Pre-Ride Battery Care/Entretien de la batterie avant le départ
Pre-Ride Battery Care

Clean the battery terminals with a wire brush and coat them with dielectric greaseIf removed, reinstall the battery.